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The Temple is Your Body 

All of you is welcome here 

All that is here is sacred 

An online and in-person community to connect with the Divine and how She moves in YOU. 

Here we acknowledge your spiritual authority and divine right to your sovereign self. 


At the Temple of Wild Delights we are reclaiming our birthright to receive, to create, to express, to PLAY, to exist within the ever flowing mystery of the ocean of consciousness. All beings deserve to transform their trauma, past life karmas and limiting belief systems coming from a place of WHOLENESS. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you. You are not a problem to be solved.


You are worthy, exactly as you are right now. You are a celestial being, here on earth to learn and play, to feel and make mistakes.

Your body is the bridge between heaven and earth. Between the ocean of consciousness and the forces of creation.

You are already whole, complete and perfect in this moment.


Come to reclaim your body as temple. Reclaim your rest, your pleasure, your expression and dance with Shakti as the mystery unfolds within you and through you.

All are welcome here.

All is sacred.

All is Devi.

My heart felt so incredibly full after connecting with everyone. It's been far too long since I've participated in a community event such as that, and I forgot how much it affects my entire outlook on life."

Amanda, NH

Upcoming Temple Events: 


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