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you poccess all you need to heal yourself 

Reiki Therapy


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. This healing is done on a cellular level. In a Reiki session, the healing energy is sent to every layer of you that needs support. Reiki energy will leave you feeling peaceful, light  and easy, and disconnected from that which no longer serves you. 

Book a session with Liz at her Studio in Portsmouth, at your home or schedule a Distance Reiki Session 


Holistic Music Sessions

These sessions are an invitation to heal through music and creative expression. We integrate music, energy healing modalities, yoga and mindfulness practices to reach your full creative and authentic self.

They include guided meditation, herbal medicine, vocal toning, crystal singing bowls, reiki, breath work, somatic movement and more! These session are unique to each individual person or group. 


Please reach out via email with any inquires or to set up a free 30 minute grounding and intention setting session: 

offering in-person sessions at my studio in Portsmouth or virtual sessions. 

Singing Bowl


Liz Ridgely and Peter Kane are a music production and engineering duo based in the Seacoast. They have combined over 10 years of experience in songwriting, composition, music production and sound engineering. 


We are here to hold space for you and help you create as your most authentic and free self. 


email liz to book a session at our studio in Portsmouth;