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Liz Ridgely 

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I am a musician, producer, trauma conscious tantrika, and mystic.

 A devotee to the teachings of Tantra, Ayurveda, Vedanta and the Venusian temple arts. 

I support others in deepening into their divine worth, magnetism, mysticism, and wellness through the voice, nervous system, and pelvic bowl. 

I help people reactivate the primordial intelligence stored within the cells of the body. Guiding remembrance through the codes of the wisdom of the body and the souls blueprint 

I am a sonic alchemist, priestess and energy witch. Working closely with the energetic teachings of the sacred feminine dieties to guide souls into deeper self initiation. 

My Story

Hello sweet earth angels, 

My incarnation began with divorce, death and a big move from Texas to the Seacoast in New Hampshire. I lost my father when I was two years old and created a deep bond with my mother. From a young age I was deeply connected to the cosmos, the energies around me and of course music! 

I grew up interested in everything with a naturally firey and creative spirit (pitta/vata baby). I was so fortunate to learn meditation in Kindergarden and practice yoga in school when I was around 8 or 9.  I channeled songs on the playground, directed performances with friends and made up meditations to self-sooth. 

My journey led me to Chicago where I studied Music, Poetry and many styles of Yoga. During my time in Chicago I collaborated with different artists, performed all over the city and was in several bands. I also performed as a Hula Hoop dancer.

While living in Chicago my unaddressed traumas caught up with me and led me through a dark night of the soul. My spiritual connections only grew as I lost myself and fell deeper into to the healing power of my voice and the teachings of tantra. 

I was called to move back home to the Seacoast in 2019 to continue my healing journey and officially release my original music. I couldn't stop writing music and started training to teach yoga. I experienced quantum leaps in my healing and studies. I went after my visions and callings to embody a tantrika, to help others heal themselves and to uproot my childhood trauma.

Currently living in Portsmouth; I facilitate several yoga classes a week, perform music solo and with my band, offer workshops and private sessions as well as lead retreats and assist with yoga teacher trainings. 

I offer my deep reverence and gratitude to all my teachers known and unknown, in this life time and in all others. 

May all beings know themselves as whole and complete. 

May all beings know peace 

Om Shanti Shanti Shantih 

Certifications and Studies 

180 hour  Devi School Training 
Vedic and Tantric Embodiment Rituals, Mantra, Ayurveda and more
100 hour Meghan Currie Intrinsic Genius Advanced Yoga Teacher Training "sequencing & sadhana"
Trauma Concious Yoga Method 
Trauma Informed Yoga Immersions at Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary (ongoing training) 
Reiki I and II training and attunements, RM Shelley Grande (contact for lineage)   
200 hour Multi-Style Yoga teacher training, Siddhi Yoga 
Bachelors of Arts in Music, focus on Jazz Guitar, Pop/Fusion Vocals and Poetry 
Tantric Mentor, Cheyenne Sapphire, 12 week program 
Erotic Awakening Group Mentoring, Tantric Academy
6 week program 
Completed Courses and Studies 

Intro to Tantric Dance with Cheyenne Sapphire 

Energetic Lovemaking, Tantra course with Bibi Bozek

Vocal Odyssey Vocal Odyssey Workshops with Nessi Gomes (3 total) 

Signs of Suicide Training 

Level 1 and 2 Yoga training, Dance School, Columbia College Chicago 

Shakti School, Spirit Sessions, ongoing studies with Katie Silcox 

Antojai Ascension Academy, ongoing studies with Shaman Axel 



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