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Welcome Beloved, 

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My Name is Liz

I am a Priestess here to welcome you back home to yourself.  Holding your hand as we walk into the shadowy depths of your subconscious to reclaim all parts of you.


I am a ritualist and devotional performer who likes to get people moving their hips and singing from their heart. 

My practice is that of tasting the wild delights of the body as temple. Drinking in the sunset, cleansing in the ocean, howling at the moon, dancing with the spirits and laughing all the while at the mystery of life. 

My biggest passion is guiding souls into remembrance of their true nature. Supporting souls in awakening to their divinity and luminosity.  I know first hand that we are so much more powerful than we have been led to believe.

I have felt it within me and I can see it in you.  

I share the teachings of Tantra, Ayurveda, Vedanta and the Venusian Temple arts. 

I teach others to regulate their nervous systems, return to cyclical living, to re-sensitize and find the superpower in their sensitivity, to experience more JOY and bliss, to work with life force energy and experience Heaven on Earth. 

I share ancient teachings to support transforming trauma, releasing past life karmas and rewiring limiting belief systems. 

I believe we all are here on purpose, we all have been given such powerful gifts and we need only to feel safe enough to remember. 

I am here to support all beings in reclaiming our birthright to receive, to create, to express, to PLAY, to exist within the ever flowing mystery of the ocean of consciousness.

You are already whole and complete. You are not a problem to be solved. 

You are so loved. 

Certifications and Studies 

180 hour  Devi School Training 
Vedic and Tantric Embodiment Rituals, Mantra, Ayurveda and more
100 hour Meghan Currie Intrinsic Genius Advanced Yoga Teacher Training "sequencing & sadhana"
Trauma Concious Yoga Method 
Trauma Informed Yoga Immersions at Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary (ongoing training) 
Reiki I and II training and attunements, RM Shelley Grande (contact for lineage)   
200 hour Multi-Style Yoga teacher training, Siddhi Yoga 
Bachelors of Arts in Music, focus on Jazz Guitar, Pop/Fusion Vocals and Poetry 
1 on 1 Tantric Mentor, Cheyenne Sapphire 
Erotic Awakening Group Mentoring, Tantric Academy
Daughters of the Rose, 9 month devotional mentorship with the Rose Lineage, Priestess of Magdalene, Isis and the Rose 
Orgamsic Embrace - Kundalini Tantra Course on heart space and breast massage with Bibi Bozek 
Ritual Theatre Course: Solo Offerings + History - Academy of Oracle Arts 
Ongoing Studies at Shakti School and Antojai Shamanic Wellness Academy 
20 years of Self Study and Countless workshops on Tantra, Ayurveda, Vocal Alchemy, Prayer songs, Embodiment, Plant Medicine and more ;)



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